Saturday, 22 October 2011


peace! (angkat jari dua ke ats)..

walaupun tgok citer entah pape tadi kan?
sumpahan puaka?sumpah ngantuk!

thanx awak..heeee!


Thursday, 6 October 2011

saya sayangkan awak...

dekat sini je boleh cakap kuat- kuat.. sebab kalau saya cakap depan- depan pun awak tak amik kisah. awak tak amik peduli pun.. kan?
takpe la,yang penting saya sayangkan awak sangat-sangat! 

walaupun kekadang perit jadi kekasih yang tak dianggap ni kan,tapi saya sabar sebab saya sayangkan awak. tapi banyak kali gak tak sabar, asyik nak luahkan je isi hati. tak boleh nak simpan langsung! mula la duk hantar mesej berjela-jela! saya tahu,kekadang perangai saya ni meyampah gak.. tapi kalau saya tak cakap,awak pun takkan tahu.. awak tak tanye pun. selalu duk makan hati,tapi saya tetap sayangkan awak.

awak menyakitkan hati pun saya tetap sayangkan awak. kalau awak topup tapi awak tak contact pun saya,saya tetap sayangkan awak.. saya tunggu sampai kekadang tertidur tapi x lena. pkul 3 4 pagi mesti terjaga takot- takot ada mesej awak yang tak sempat nak reply. kalau saya lambat reply nanti awak dah tinggalkan saya,pergi kerja jauh- jauh... sedih.............. =(

awak! saya nak rumah satu! rumah yang cukup untuk sebuah keluarga yang bahagia,, nak letak awak kat dalam tu. bagi awak makan banyak- banyak,bagi awak tidur cukup- cukup, biar awak jadi ketua kat umah tu, imamkan kami anak beranak, pastu biar awak jaga anak- anak kat dalam rumah tu. dalam rumah tu pom saya nak tinggal gak..heeee!
sweet tak?haha! *malu*

awak,xnk nakal2... 
saya doakan awak jadi seorang lelaki yang soleh satu hari nanti..[amin]

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

what u give u"ll get back...

is that true the statement of the title..?
perhaps so,but sometimes it comes with bias.. just hoping for something are better than never..

hmmm,as for today.. 5th october 2011.. was the unlucky day for me..
it always came with 5th number if the bad day came after me.
started from the beginning of the day,i knew that something wrong will come across me. and i was right!
just missed somebody that i considered as important as my parents. really- really missed *** and without knowing i have called *** number. so glad to heard that the cell is still ringing. but then,i just waited for the miracles. yet it came! but, i'm quite happy with that miracle till my heart felt like pumping out of the rib..!
what should i do? i just pretend to be as happy as i really am. for the whole day no one noticed for my changes. well,i'm a good actor though.huh..*sigh*

Dusk out, everything just like unbalanced with the daily life. i just cant be like my normal me.
then i just be silent and let the evening goes as it came.
night appeared. still the same as the first. don't know how to translate anymore. eating is the best way!
bored right? keep moving..

just to say that the statement are sometimes worrying others. people like me will always came with this feeling.
i do love someone too much! but, what i get are not as the same as i gave. little disappointed  but i tried to be more tough as well as i come to this world. alone with the tear-out-loud accompanied, then someone to be called as "safer" take me out from a woman's womb that i used to be alone.

every day i ask from HIM to let *** love me as much as i do. with no power around, i cant change *** like my desired. i just want *** to love me back like i always do. kind of scary wishing but that is enough for me if i knew that *** will reflected  my  love towards ***.

again,miracles that i wished to meet.